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Why SOPA and free knowledge are necessary.

What would you say if I told you that life is easier now than it was back in the 1970’s!  If you lived back in the 70’s you would totally agree.  Think back to 1978.  There were no cell phones, their was no internet,  the video game that I grew up with was called pong!  Wow at the time it was so cool..  Calculators cost 600.00 andand college was hard.   Really hard.   Think about writing a term paper for an english class and n ot having wikepedia or Lexus-Nexus to help you.  Instead you had was  World Book Encyclopedias that we outdated as soon as they were published.

Free knowledge is so necessary just to maintain our college graduation rates if nothing else.

I had the privledge of going to college in the late 70’s and then going back again in the 2000’s to

finally graduate, with a BS and also an MS.  It was so much easier in 2007 versus 1979.  Why?

No more all night library sessions to get that paper done.  Now it could all be researched on the internet.

While it is easier to graduate it is also in different ways harder!   Harder to cheat, which is a good thing.

All that information (free) is also available to the professors and while we all have MS Word, the professors have programs to catch plagerism.

Keep SOPA away from internet.

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