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App Ruins Your iPad by Running Windows on It

OnLive streams apps to tablets rather than running them locally


You can’t own a tablet for more than a month without thinking that it’s secretly a fully-functioning computer that was crippled at the factory just so you wouldn’t replace your laptop with it. Now OnLive has more or less proved that point, by rolling out an app that allows you to “run” windows on your iPad.

But you’re not actually running Windows on the iPad, just streaming a continuous video feed of Windows directly to your iPad. So you have to be on a reasonably fast connection (wifi, not 3G) for it to work. Windows and its apps run in “the cloud,” or in this case OnLive’s remote servers.

OnLive is better known for applying this same technology to streaming gaming, which it unveiled just 18 months ago.

All kidding about the advisability of running Windows on an iPad aside, this is an interesting application of a much larger trend: offloading some, or in this case nearly all, of the processing for an application into the cloud. For example, processor-intensive tasks like face recognition are better accomplished by remote servers, and everything from location services like Skyhook to your cell phone’s email client represent a series of trade-offs between server and client side processing. AJAX, Web 2.0, etc. are also part of this trend of re-balancing which parts of the application are best chewed through locally or somewhere else.

Some folks have even turned this paradigm on its head, running “the cloud” on cell phones instead of servers.

At any rate, OnLive’s Windows-on-any-device cloud strategy could point the way to a future of (very) “thin clients” that can access any amount of computing power anywhere at any time, and contain just enough processor power to run a display and accept inputs. Or at least that’s the future this would point to in a world of unlimited bandwidth. As long as cell data service remains capped and people want to take their devices on airplanes, however, I imagine most of us will want to keep our apps client-side.

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OnLive’s New App Lets You Play Top-Tier PS3 And Xbox 360 Games On iPad And Select Android Devices

OnLive was first announced back at GDC 2009 to a mixed response. The response
was mixed due to the fact that its idea, while novel, would never work out.

OnLive is a cloud based game streaming service: once you launch a
game, all the heavy processing and rendering is handled by OnLive’s powerful
servers which then stream the video to your device using an internet connection.
Using their controller or on-screen touch controls, you can interact with the
game. These interactions are sent back to OnLive’s servers which process them
and then send you back the result in a matter of milliseconds. For the best
performance, you will, of course, need a fast broadband connection. Still, if
you’ve got a less-than-stellar connection, streaming quality is automatically
adjusted to ensure maximum performance.

Because of the way it is designed, you can play some the latest and greatest
Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games on any computer (yes, even if it is a
Windows-based Pentium 4 PC with 1GB of RAM) which can connect to one of their
OnLive devices or, starting from tomorrow, on the iPad 2 and select Android smartphones and tablets.


The company today announced their app for iPad and Android smartphones/tablets which lets
you play games like L.A. Noire, Batman: Arkham City and the latest Assassin’s
Creed on your mobile device. The app itself is free, but if you’re on the iPad,
you have to purchase the games (which are cheaper than what they usually cost on
PS3/X360) through a computer. Once you have a library of games to play with, you
just launch it and play using either on-screen touch controls (not recommended)
or with a $49.99 OnLive wireless controller. They even have full demos available
for most titles, so you can get started right now!


The iPad app is scheduled for a release sometime tomorrow,
but the Android app can be downloaded right now.


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