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Microsoft celebrates 83 retail stores in 2013 with more on the way

The following post is from Jonathan Adashek, General Manager, Communications Strategy, Sales & Marketing Services Group, Microsoft. It was originally published on The Fire Hose.

It’s been another significant year for Microsoft retail stores, and we’re proud to continue to offer our customers the choice, value and service they have come to expect from our stores. Over the past 12 months, we opened 35 stores and now have 83 full-line and specialty stores open across North America. We have welcomed more than 362 million customers to our full-line, specialty and online Microsoft Store properties in more than 200 markets worldwide.

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Windows 8 App Store Promises Apple App Store Battle

Microsoft has pushed back the curtain from the app store it plans on integrating into Windows 8, in the process kicking off what will surely be a vicious competition with Apple and its own app storefront for Mac OS X Lion.

Unlike Windows Phone, whose own app store is growing at a relatively slow rate (and whose total number of apps on offer lags well behind that of Apple’s App Store for iOS), Windows comes with a sizable user base. Third-party developers will want to leverage those hundreds of millions of potentialcustomers for profit, and will thus scramble to build “Metro“-style apps to fill the Windows 8 app store. At least, that’s how Microsoft hopes the process will unfold.

In order to sweeten the deal for developers, Microsoft will give them 80 percent of every dollar generated off an app’s sale, provided the app in question earns more than $25,000. Less than that, and Microsoft will pay out 70 percent, a ratio that has become something of an industry standard.

Microsoft is also designing the store with businessesin mind.

“Enterprise developers have been asking about their path to market with Metro style apps,” Ted Dworkin, partner program manager for the Windows Store, wrote in a Dec. 6 posting on the new Windows Store blog. “And, in turn, IT administratorshave been asking about deployment and management scenarios, such as compliance and security.”

Microsoft’s way of fulfilling those enterprise needs, apparently, centers on giving businesses direct control over app deployment. “Enterprises can choose to limit access to the Windows Store catalog by their employees, or allow access but restrict certain apps,” he wrote. “In addition, enterprises can choose to deploy Metro style apps directly to PCs, without going through the Store infrastructure.”

Windows 8 beta will arrive in February 2012, with the final release later that year. Unlike previous versions of the operating system with their desktop-style interface, the upcoming operating system’s start screen centers on a set of colorful, touchable tiles linked to applications–the better to port it onto tablets and other touch-centric form factors

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