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Is ABC Starting to Understand BitTorrent Demand?

Interesting news coming out of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) shows that maybe BitTorrent pirates have a point when it comes to not waiting for TV shows. In an attempt to dissuade Aussie punters from torrenting the show, ABC has announced it will offer this weekend’s new Doctor Who episode on its iView service as soon as it finishes airing in the UK.

TV shows are often the most popular torrents out there, and the resurrected sci-fi series Doctor Who has an ardent following. Since it rematerialized onto our screens in 2005 it has rapidly gained a substantial and ‘hard-core’ following world-wide.

But thanks to Twitter and Facebook, as well as the more old-fashioned forums and email lists, a storyline can be ruined by ‘spoilers’ emanating from those in regions who gain access to the show first – a recurring theme of the BBC show over the last years.

It’s about time someone started paying attention to the concerns of fans – something we pointed out back in 2008 – so ABC’s decision to place the show on its iView service is strongly welcomed.

“Piracy is wrong, as you are denying someone their rights and income for their intellectual property,” said ABC1 controller Brendan Dahill.

“The fact that it is happening is indicative that as broadcasters we are not meeting demand for a segment of the population. So as broadcasters we need to find convenient ways of making programs available via legal means to discourage the need for piracy,” he added.

The Dr Who show will be available on the iView ‘catch up’ service moments after the episode finishes airing in the UK, although those who prefer to watch on their TV will still have to wait until September 8th. While fans would prefer it aired sometime on the Sunday, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

This is not the first time a sonic screwdriver has been pointed at a broadcast schedule. Transatlantic Whovians got a taste of same-day showings last spring, and will do so again this year. For others however, FACT’s actions against the expat-focused site UKNova over the weekend could not have come at a worse time.

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New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Goes Live Tomorrow, Here’s What To Expect!

If you’re an Xbox 360 owner then you’re probably acutely aware that Microsoft
has a brand new, completely revamped version of the Dashboard is on the way. Being the main interface into
everything that goes on inside an Xbox 360, the Dashboard is an integral part of
the experience, and this upcoming update is the biggest change it has undergone
in quite some time.





Testers have been using the new Dashboard for a few weeks now,
but tomorrow, December 6th is when everyone else can get their hands on it.
Expect your machine to inform you of an update when signed into Xbox LIVE once
the new Dash has been made available. Microsoft has not given a
specific time that the new Dashboard will go live, other than to say it will
happen on the 6th. Patience, apparently, is a virtue.

So what can you expect to see from the new Dashboard tomorrow? If you’re in
the United States especially, your Xbox 360 could well become your entertainment
box of choice, with video services being the biggest change beyond the
new Windows Phone 7-inspired interface.

Microsoft clearly believes that the future is very much a ‘one box’ affair,
with one machine under our TVs playing host to our gaming and video-watching experience.

We think you’re going to use one device for movies, music and games in the
future,” said Ross Honey, general manager of Xbox Live entertainment and
advertising, in an interview.  “We want to make the content accessible and
enhance the actual experience. We think you will will want to watch it on Xbox
as it is more social and more personal.

New streaming video and ‘Video on Demand’ services will be made available via
the new update as part of Microsoft’s vision of making its Xbox 360 that one,
irreplaceable box under our big screen televisions. There will be a total of 40
entertainment services which would accompany the new Dashboard update, which is a screamer in a tech junkie’s
dictionary. Some of the services are as follows:

4 on Demand (C4) in the U.K.; ABC iView (Australian Broadcasting Corp.);
AlloCiné. France (AlloCiné); Germany (Filmstarts); Spain (Sensacine); United
Kingdom (Screenrush); Astral Media’s Disney XD (Astral Media) in Canada;
Blinkbox in the U.K.; Crackle (Sony Pictures) in  Australia, Canada, U.K. and
the U.S.; Dailymotion in 32 countries; Demand 5 (Five) in the U.K.; iHeartRadio
(Clear Channel) in the U.S.; Mediathek/ZDF (ZDF) in Germany; MSN om Canada,
France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the U.K…

The full list is however, a huge one, so we would suggest you jump over to
the source link to see what is being offered in your country
and what isn’t.

More Video on Demand services will be added to the roster in 2012,
so hang in tight, Microsoft is doing their best to push out entertaining content
to all Xbox 360 owners out in the wild.

The new Dashboard will also feature Bing integration, allowing owners of the
Xbox Kinect accessory to search the entire Xbox LIVE market of
games, movies and music using the power of their voice. It is an interesting
take on the hands-free approach to gaming that is currently the ‘in’ thing for
Microsoft, and could perhaps be a similar thing to what Apple is reportedly working on with its Apple TV and Siri.

The Xbox 360 has come a long way since its initial release back in 2005.
Then, the console was simply there to play games on, but as the years have past Microsoft has
turned it into a media consumption machine that could become the heart of many
people’s home entertainment experience.

Last but not the least, the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone 7.x will go live tomorrow
in the Marketplace. The aim of the app is downright simple; to give users
complete control over their Xbox 360 right from the comfort of their smartphone.
The app will allow users to search for content right from their smartphone, and
once they’ve chosen what they want, they can just select and watch it on their
big screen TV, all cable free. The price? Absolutely free, after all, Microsoft
has to keep those diehard gamers happy somehow don’t they?

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