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Ten years ago, there was a legitimate question of whether the Internet had a role to play in political campaigns. That question has been decided. The Internet is here. Nearly 80% of Americans use email. Over half of US homes have broadband connections and wireless access is common and growing. As for political campaigns, the Internet has been accepted. Asking if a campaign uses email is now nearly as absurd as asking if they use the telephone. The question is not if they’re using the Internet, but what elements are they using, how much do they use it, and what’s working for them?


Email Most significantly, we have seen the acceptance of email as a primary communication tool within the campaign team. Email has become the primary method for transfer of information and reports within the campaign team. Consultants send polling results, mail piece proofs, draft fundraising letters and nearly everything else imaginable via email. Staff and volunteers can be managed in large part remotely using information transfer over e-mail. Last minute updates can be sent out with very little lead time or cost.
News Sites and Blogs We are also seeing our clients increasingly turn to online news sources, including both blogs and the websites of traditional news outlets as a primary source of information. While newspapers and TV are still monitored, the online outlets are often the first source of breaking news about a campaign. Aggregation tools, like Google Alerts (http://www.google.com/alerts) and Technorati (http://technorati.com/) allow campaigns to receive instant notification about key news that can impact their race. Web-Based Solutions The internet is no longer just a faster way to exchange information from one party to another. There are now web-based applications to replace desktop software for almost any purpose, and campaign management is no exception. In 2000, few, if any, campaigns were using any web-based tools. Now, the majority of Congressional campaigns are using at least one online application, as are many who are running for state or local office. There are hundreds of tools available for a wide variety of campaign needs.

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